Virtual Office Address Plus Mail Scans

If you work at home, it might be hard to think about having a virtual office address that is different than your home address. But really, when you’re having things sent to you, it’s no different than if you had them sent to another address while working outside the home. And that’s why you might want to consider a mail forwarding service for your business mail.

In the case of using a mail forwarding service as your virtual office address, you need to stop thinking about the service as being a company that forwards your mail to you. Instead, consider that it’s just receiving your mail, opening whatever you want to see, and putting it into your online account for you to view.

In this case, you would still keep your home address the same, but you would use your virtual office address on all your correspondence and other paperwork. Then whenever you were sent a piece of mail, it would go to the mail forwarding service address. It’s basically the same as using the UPS Store (what was formerly called MailBoxes Etc. in our state), except that you never have to set foot in the actual location of collection site.

It’s a lot more efficient than these old-fashioned mailbox services because your mail is scanned with high-tech scanners making it easily readable online. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night you end up picking up your mail, you will never have to go into an empty building to get it again!

I had a UPS Store mailbox once – and when I had to work late and go in when it was dark in the winter, it wasn’t the best feeling of security I could have. Then if someone came in behind me I wondered if they actually had a key, or followed me in! Most of the time I was careful to lock the door behind me, but you know how it goes when you’re in a hurry. Now I much prefer sitting in my office at home and viewing my mail from the safety of my personal computer.

If you were thinking that a mail forwarding service was just for those who traveled, maybe it’s time to give it another thought. You can choose a virtual office address in a variety of states, and you can also choose a less expensive PO Box address or an actual street address.

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