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Virtual Mailbox Provides Better Option For USPS Forward Mail

If you’re moving, or going on an extended vacation, you may need to have the USPS Forward Mail for awhile; but there is a better way! If you use the USPS mail option, the process is simple. Just go to the post office and ask for their mail forwarding form.

If you’re leaving for a short time, you will need to put an end date on the forwarding request. If you’re moving, your mail will be forwarded for a year. You’ll need to check with the USPS in your area to make determine what mail will be forwarded. Most USPS Forward Mail will only include 1st class mail. They will not forward things like catalogues or third class business bulk mail (junk mail, as we know it); and they may or may not forward to an international address.

You might also be able to get a USPS Forward Mail premium service by paying a little extra. The one I found online was $15.00 to sign up for the service, then $14.75 a week to hold your mail, package it up, and forward it to you each week by Priority Mail®.

That could get a little expensive, depending on how long you intended to use the service. So why not think outside of the “box” for once. We’re talking about the USPS box, of course. There is a better way!

There are now virtual mailbox forwarding companies that will allow you to forward your mail to them, and then they scan it in so you can view it online. It works great because you only pay for what you want to see; they will shred the rest of it (junk mail for instance).

First, they scan the envelope and put it in your online mailbox to view. Then you click a button to tell them if you want to see the contents, or if it’s junk and can be tossed. If you want to see inside, they will scan all pages and again put them online for you to review. You can also get any of the mail actually sent to you if you want (but that would be an additional charge.)

This seems to me to be the best option if you move a lot, travel a lot, or have a summer home and winter home. The two services we can recommend are Earth Class Mail and Mailbox Forwarding.


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