Using a Virtual Mailbox for a Two Week Vacation?

A friend of mine is going to Israel for two weeks and she asked me if I would pick up her mail while she was gone. I said “no problem.” Watching mail for someone who goes on vacation once a year is no big deal. However, when people are gone more often — and for longer periods of time, it becomes a bigger hassle for a neighbor. After all, how am I supposed to know what’s important and what’s not.

So then she asked me if she should set up a virtual mailbox for when she’s gone so her mail can be forwarded, scanned and put online. I said “definitely not!” Using a mail forwarding service for a two-week vacation is a waste of time and money. Why?

Well, first of all you’ll need to change your home address to that of the service. And you need to sign a form at the post office that allows them to receive your mail. Now, this really doesn’t take that much time, but you have to un-do it when you get back, and that might cause some mail to get lost in transit.

Mail forwarding services are more likely to be used by people who travel a lot. They set it up to use while they are away, as well as when they return. They just keep the forwarding set up and they never worry about getting mail at their house. It has become a natural thing for them to read scanned mail online. It allows them the freedom to come and go – and never have to worry about where their mail is.

Another way to use a virtual mailbox is for a business address. Instead of forwarding your home mailing address, you can use the mailbox service as a separate “business” address. Then you just use that address when doing business online or for your web address.

It works GREAT for those who are going to use it on a constant basis. But for a two week vacation – just use your neighbor – and be sure to bring them back a nice gift!

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