Upgrades in Mail Forwarding Service Options

If you’re looking for a mail forwarding service and don’t know exactly where to start, you might think that  your only option is the US Post office. However, there are a few more services you should check out before you make any major decisions to have your postal mail follow you around.

There are a few companies that offer a mail forwarding service that is a little different. You will need to change your address to the address of the company.

What Will My Address Be?

Your new virtual mailing address will be the city/state address of the company you choose, along with a number identifier (just like a PO box number). The advantage of this is that you can now use this address when you’re doing business online, or  put it on your business cards.

After you have your virtual business address set up, the company will begin to receive all mail sent to that address. By the way, you do have an option to either have your home address forwarded to the service, or set up this address as a separate place where only specific mail goes – it’s up to you. But the nice thing is that all of the mail received at the mail forwarding service will now be scanned and put into your online account.

So instead of your mail having to follow you around as you travel, causing delays and frustration, you now just log onto your computer and see what’s come in for the day. You will get to see the envelope first, and then you will have the option to either have the contents scanned, or have it recycled. Either way, you never have to touch the envelope or the mail; it’s all done with selections you make from your computer.

And just so you know, at the present time, the US Post office does NOT offer a scanning service. They do have a forwarding service though. The unfortunate part there is that they hold your mail until a specific date and send it to you all at once. So if you’re waiting for an important letter, or are in an RV hoping to move to a new destination, you will need to stay there until your mail arrives or risk having it lost as it tries to find you.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Post office service is cheaper than a mail forwarding service, but the reality is, you can get started receiving your mail online for as little as $14.95/month. That seems like a small price to pay for the additional scanning and online viewing capabilities, as well as the freedom you get from not having to worry where in the world that little piece of mail ended up.

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