The Truth About Mail Forwarding Services and Who Uses Them

One night I was thinking about how nice it would be to NOT have to go through that pile of mail that was lying on the table to pick out only the mail I was interested in and throw the rest away.  This morning, as I went to the kitchen to get my coffee, and was greeted by that pile of mail again, I started to think more seriously about investigating a few mail forwarding services to find out what they actually did.  And that is how this site came about.

During my investigation I found places like Mail Boxes etc. that collect your mail for you and then you go to pick it up. But that doesn’t really solve my problem, it actually gives me another chore to do – now I have to drive down to the mail place and pick up whatever forward mail I have there.  Still gives me a pile of mail to go through.

So I researched further.  I found a few places that concentrated on RV’ers. They will collect your mail and send it to you.  Again, you get to have all your paper mail to go through. I wanted something more and I knew if I searched long enough I would find it and I did.

That’s when I discovered mail forwarding services that would scan my mail and drop the images into my email box! Now that’s what I’m talking about!  My vision of having no more paper mail to go through finally seemed more like a reality.

So I began to check out prices and found that I could get set up at Mailbox Forwarding for $14.95 a month. But reading down the list about their Pricing Plans, I noticed that that price only included 40 scans a month, but the good thing was that that included scanning the envelope.  I began to think about that large pile of mail on my table. Certainly there were more than 40 pieces in there! And that was just a few weeks’ worth (I sooo hate going through the mail that it does tend to pile up a bit).

So I sat down at the pile and started sorting through it one by one, putting it in separate piles -junk and important (bills, etc).  My sorting went kind of like this: junk, junk, junk, junk, bill, junk, letter, junk.

When I was done with my two weeks of mail, I had about five items that were important, and a LOT of junk! I did this little exercise for the rest of the month and found that I actually had about 15 items a month that I wanted to take a look at. I’m thinking that even though I don’t travel a lot, that makes me a pretty good candidate for resolving the issue of going through my mail.
It was definitely worth it to take another look at the specialized mail forwarding service that had the scanning option.  And, if I REALLY want to see a piece of mail – they will send it to me – no problem – no questions asked.



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