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Mail scanning is not anything new. But the concept of having your mail scanned at a Mail Forwarding Service so you can view it online IS fairly new and is catching more people’s attention as the newest convenience option for postal mail forwarding.

Do you travel a lot? Or, maybe you’re a snowbird and have a winter house and a summer resort-type of location. Either way using mail forwarding to help keep on top of your postal mail may be just the thing you desire.

Evelyn Grazini, the owner of the comparison site at the Virtual Mail says that a lot of people now have their mail forwarded to a service that scans it and lets its members view it online. She says that at first there was only one company that offered the service but now there are a few that have entered the competition. Two of them stand out from the crowd. Those two are the ones that are reviewed on her new site.

The concept of mail forwarding may be a simple one, but while doing her research on the various options offered by each company she found that people really do need to pay attention to the small print before they sign up for anything.

The one thing that is standard is that you will need to have your mail forwarded to your new virtual address. You will have to get used to the fact that you will NOT receive any more mail at your residence. This can take some getting used to but you will soon find that viewing your mail online is a much better option than having to go to the mailbox every day.

But that’s where the standardized options end.  Evelyn warns people to watch out for scanning and address options that can increase the price of the service from something that was once affordable, to a decision not to use the service at all.

On her site, you can compare the two options that vary the most. The first is the virtual mailing address option. While the company with the cheapest rates only has one option that comes with the service, that may be all you need. After that, online PO box address options are cheaper than an actual street mailing address, so be sure to know what you really need before you decide to take on the extra expense. Does your address need to be in New York, or will an address in Michigan that’s included with the plan suffice?

The other main difference she notes on her site is the difference in mail scanning options. Some companies scan the envelope for the basic charge and put it online; others include envelope scanning and a certain number of contents in their charge.

Whatever you decide to do, you will be able to make an informed decision on which will meet your needs.

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