Permanent Mailing Address Options to Consider

Many people know what their permanent mailing address is – it’s their home! But some people would like their permanent mailing address to be something other than their home or office. These people are probably away from home a lot either for business or pleasure.

If you are one of those people, you may be looking for a virtual address so someone can handle your mail while you are away. After all, the primary reason we have an address is so we can get our mail delivered. I suppose the second reason would be so people can find us if they need to. But if you have an office in your home, maybe people driving by your house that looked up your address on the internet is not the best option – for security reasons.

That’s exactly why there is a mail forwarding service available to you that offers a variety of permanent mailing address options.  We have reviewed two of them on our site and there is one important thing to notice. One company is a little cheaper than the other but does not have a wide selection of address options. This doesn’t really matter to most people who just want their mail scanned in so they can view it online from their current location.

However, if you’re looking for a virtual business address, you may want to find something that is in your state so you can still have a presence in the state you live. This will solve two problems for you. It will give you a permanent mailing address and it will prevent people from driving by your house and knocking on your door un-expectantly.

Both options will prevent people stopping by; it’s more of a personal preference for most people. If you’re traveling and just need someone to pick up your mail while you’re away, you may not need to worry so much about your address. But if you’re in business, it may or may not be a problem. And actually, some people who do online marketing may prefer that their state is unknown also.

I’ve tried to give you a feeling for what you may or may not need in a permanent mailing address. The only other choice you need to consider is whether a PO Box in that state would suffice, or if you want an actual street. Again, both options have their pros and cons.

If you get a PO Box you don’t have to worry about people trying to seek you out. On the other hand, a street address may have people trying to find you by driving to that location – only to find that you don’t really have an office there. I had this problem once when I rented a mail box, but then again, I had no clue why that person was trying to get to my actual location. Anyway, this isn’t usually a problem these days because people have more of an online attitude than really wanting to search a person out unless they have an actual meeting planed. And, in that case, you would probably be meeting at a restaurant anyway.

Visit our address selection page to find out which companies offer the type of permanent mailing address you need.



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