Now Your Mail Forwarding Service Doubles as a Virtual Office Address

If you’re like me, you probably spend hours each week going through your postal mail to sort out the bills from the junk mail. It seems like even though there is plenty of junk coming through the email box, the bulk paper mail distributors will never stop. But now you don’t have to deal with them anymore because you’ve decided to let someone else handle your postal mail. But who would do such a thing?

If you haven’t heard of the existence of a mail forwarding service you’re living in the dark ages. Mail forwarding services will now handle all of your postal mail for you. They’ll receive it and let you view the envelope online first, and then if you want to see inside, you let them know by clicking that option on the screen. They will then scan the contents for you and  add them to your online account. It’s really just a good common-sense way to save the time you used to spend sorting and opening your mail.

The process to get everything set up is as easy as the thought you just had when you were wishing something like this existed. All you need to do is change your address to that of the mail forwarding service and then they will start receiving all of your postal mail. They will quickly scan the envelope so you can see what has come in, and then you authorize them to scan the contents if you want. If it’s another piece of junk mail, with the click of your mouse button you can just tell them to recycle that piece and it’s gone for good.

You can also use these services as sort of a high-tech virtual office address. While some people are fine with having an office address in the UPS store where they just go in and pick up their mail every day. Other people would prefer NOT to have to step inside the store at all. So why not just get a virtual office address with a mail forwarding service that includes scanning your mail and putting it online for you to see? You already know the benefits of using this service for your mail, and not it can double as an office mail collection facility also.

Using it this way, instead of “forwarding” your mail to the service, you use it as your business address. You would put it on your letterhead, business cards, etc. It’s very efficient safe and secure way to have a cheap business address, much better than the old type of offices were you actually had to go in and pick up your mail wasting precious time and energy just to see what’s been delivered.


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