Mailbox Forwarding Review Facts and Comparisons Revealed

Complete Mailbox Forwarding Review

There are several pages on this site where you can do a complete Mailbox Forwarding Review but actually it’s our favorite thing to write about because we can highly recommend one Mail Forwarding Service over the other (and it’s actually called “Mailbox Forwarding”)  – and here’s why.

We compare Mailbox Forwarding to Earth Class Mail because they are the two largest Mail Forwarding Service options available. – First of all, Mailbox Forwarding is cheaper; you can see our mailbox forwarding review and breakdown of each companies prices and options here:

Earth Class Mail vs. Mailbox Forwarding

So, if you just want to have your mail sent somewhere and location doesn’t matter, our mailbox forwarding review strongly suggests the Mailbox Forwarding Company which gives you full service for $14.95. Earth Class Mail is somewhat pricier at $19.95 and in our opinion (and according to the chart) gives you less service and has additional charges for almost everything.

As we were doing our Mailbox Forwarding Review, we did find one advantage that Earth Class Mail offered –  and that was the selection of addresses (of course, each has a separate charge attached.) However, in order to do a complete Mailbox Forwarding Review we need to let you know the two most important options: Price and Address Selection (in case that’s important to you).

Mailbox Forwarding has a Michigan address included in the plan, and two options for upgrades to Florida or California. Earth Class Mail has many more options, each with an increased charge.

You can see all your choices for both Virtual Mailbox Companies at:

Virtual Mailing Address

These two Mailbox Forwarding Review links should give you everything you need to make your own informed decision so you get what you need in a full service Mail Forwarding Service.

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