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How The Mailbox Forwarding Company Now Uses New Virtual Mailbox Technology

How does Mailbox Forwarding Work? Many people who are looking for a mail forwarding service for their postal mail think of how it was done in the past. You might think of post office services, or UPS Stores. Or, maybe you’re  just looking for the cheapest service you can find.

At any rate, this is a new age, and when you’re considering Mailbox Forwarding, why not look something new and a little different.

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

Virtual Mailboxes allow you to send your postal mail that usually gets delivered to your home address to your new virtual mailing address at the company address you selected. The company then scans the envelope and lets you look it it online. Then you decide if you want to see the contents or not.

If you do want to see the contents, they will also scan them and again put them online for your to check out. So instead of wasting time getting your mail, stacking it on the table, rearranging it, finally opening it, getting paper cuts, then trashing most of it, you simply click on images on your computer and the rest is handled for you! If you do not want to see it, they will shred it!

How it works:

Here’s an example of a screen you could control online:

mailbox forwarding

Why Mailbox Forwarding Company Has Advantages over Traditional Mail Forwarding:

  • Mail Scanning saves time opening mail
  • Slash paper-handling costs & reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Save fuel costs and time by NOT driving to a business mailbox.
  • Secure service is trusted by law and accounting firms who prefer virtual mail.
  • Ability to get your postal mail online from wherever you are.
  • Prestigious US Street Address

Serving small businesses AND Fortune 500 companies!

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