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Why Mail Forwarding No Longer Requires On Again – Off Again Activity

It’s not uncommon for people who travel a lot to forward their mail a lot. If a neighbor is not around to pick up your mail, most of the time people will turn on and off their mail delivery using mail forwarding through the post office. So whenever they are going to be away for a longer period of time, they go to the post office and have their mail forwarded to their destination.

This works great if you plan on staying in that same place for as long as you’re gone. But what if you want to take a short side trip, or if you travel around in an RV and move from place to place a lot. What becomes of your mail then if your neighbor isn’t around to fetch and read it to you?

It seems like a complicated question but really, there is a simple solution.  Why not just forward your mail ONCE to Mailbox services and let them take care of it from then on.

Now, I’m not talking about the old fashioned services. I think they have all changed their names to “The UPS Store” but the most popular ones used to be called “Mailboxes Etc.” They acted just like the post office but in this case it would be worse because you would be forwarding your mail to them – and then THEY would have to forward it to you. It could take some time before you actually received your mail this way!

Like I said earlier though, there is a simple solution. Change your address to that of a virtual mailbox service that offers mail scanning. This way you will always be able retrieve your mail using your online account.

How Mail Forwarding Works

First you will get to see all of the envelopes that have come in for the day, and then you decide what to do with the mail. You can have the contents scanned, or in the case of any mis-delivered junk mail, you can just have it shredded. And it’s all done from your computer with the click of your mouse button.

It really doesn’t get any better than this. Your mail will always be delivered to a safe place, and you will always be able to see what has come in for the day. And, if you do receive a package, you can have it forwarded to your current location. You are always in control of your mail, just as you are in control of your mail now.

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