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Virtual Mailbox PO Boxes Save 50% to 90% vs. traditional Mail Forwarding Services

If you’re looking for a mail forwarding post office or Mail Forwarding UPS Store you might want to check out a Virtual Mailbox instead. It is no longer necessary for you to have your actual mail forwarded through a UPS Store or PO Box.

The disadvantage of the mail forwarding UPS Store as well as the Post Office is that they have to actually send you your paper mail. If you use a mail forwarding UPS Store they will probably hold your mail for a week or two and then send it to you all at once. Hopefully you haven’t moved again by then – which happens sometimes when people travel a lot and use a Mail Forwarding Company to handle their mail.

Mail Forwarding Post Office services are slightly better in that they do forward each and every envelope to you as it comes in. The only problem here is that the amount of time they will do this for you is limited, and if anything comes in after that time you will not get it.

And that’s why both Mail Forwarding UPS Stores and Post Office mail forwarding is outdated!

So what’s taking over? There are now a few different virtual mailbox companies that will handle all your mail and use scanning technology to let you view it online.

The Virtual Mailbox Companies are the best of the best in a mail forwarding company. They let you decide what to do with the mail, but they take care of the opening, shredding, disposal, forwarding, etc. for you! All you have to do is log into your account from your computer – or wherever you are, and see what’s been delivered.

Review your options for the best replacement for a Mail Forwarding UPS Store AND mail forwarding through the Post Office here: EarthClass Mail Forwarding vs. Mailbox Forwarding Company.

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