Green Mail Forwarding Service – So Easy to Be Green

It’s always a good thing to go green wherever you can. Usually when people think of what they can do to be greener they turn towards recycling or energy thoughts. But recycling just got a step better with the development of a green mail forwarding service, often called a Virtual Mailbox.

How a Green Mail Forwarding Service Works

The green mail forwarding service goes one step beyond recycling because you will not have to recycle your mail at all. You’ll now be using an online mail service  – Like Mailbox Forwarding – to handle all your mail for you.

The concept is simple, really. So simple that we wonder why it wasn’t thought of before. Basically what you do is forward your mail to the service. They open it and scan it into the computer after you give your go-ahead from an initial scanned envelope view. It’s the best in green mail forwarding service because now you can view all your mail online.

I’m sure it will feel a bit odd at first because you will no longer be receiving any of your mail at home – because you’ll need to change your mailing address to Mailbox Forwarding. Some people can’t handle this because you’ve gotten your mail in your box forever and it’s odd not to have anything in there anymore! But once you get used to going to your online mail service to view your mail instead of going to the mailbox, you will be pleasantly surprised at how soon you realize how convenient going green is.

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