Form 1583 and USPS Forwarding

Sometimes when people sign up for a Mail Forwarding Service they think that’s all there is to it. Just select a company, pick an address and voila! You’re free from snail mail! So why can’t it be just that easy.

It may seem like you have to do a lot of things, because it’s not as instant as you originally thought, but basically you need to do two things.  The first is to fill out Form 1583 which is required by the United States Postal Service in order to allow the Virtual Mail Center you select to receive and open your mail. The Government can’t just deliver your mail to anyone that asks for it. That’s why it’s your responsibility to fill out the form, sign it, and get it sent off.

After the Mail Forwarding service has been authorized to collect your mail, the next step is for you to actually change your address with the postal service.  This is done just like if you were moving; you will need to fill out a change of address form in order to send all of your future mail to the Mailbox Forwarding Company. You only need to do this if you are sending ALL of your home mail to your new Virtual Mail Address.

Alternately, you may just want to use your new Service to receive only items that are sent in reference to your business. Fortunately, a Mail Forwarding Service can also work like the old fashioned mailbox services where you use it for just business mail.  In this case, you will still need to fill our Form 1583 to allow the Virtual Mailbox Center to receive your mail, but you will NOT have to forward your mail through the USPS. This way, you can use this address when filling out forms online, or as your selected business address which allows you to look more like an actual business and protects your home address from online predators.

After you’ve done those two simple chores, you are all set.  You will get an address that receives your mail, but instead of having to drive to collect your mail every day, it will be scanned into your online account for you to read when you want to.  You can also Receive Faxes online with a shared or dedicated Fax line, and have them deposit any checks you receive.

Now it’s all set up and you don’t have to worry about other people getting your mail while you are gone. And you also have the security of a virtual mailbox that protects your home address and is easily accessed from any computer – anywhere in the world – all secured with your personal password!

Still Have Questions?  Find Support and Mailbox Forwarding Form 1583 Here.