Here are the most common questions we receive when people are setting up their mail forwarding:

Do I need to fill out any forms?

Yes, if you are going to have your home mail received by the mail forwarding service, you will need to fill out the U.S. Post Office form 1583 . You can download it from the USPS web site or pick up the Mailbox Forwarding Company’s here.

However, if you are using this as a virtual business address with no forwarding involved, you will NOT need to fill out the form. Just sign up with the service and choose the address you would like to use.

Will the mail scans be clear on the computer?

Your mail is scanned into a PDF type document so it will be as clear as any other document you would view on the internet. It will be exactly the same size as the mail that came in – and will be scanned in color (if it was received that way). You will not lose anything in the transition.

Can more than one person access the PO Boxes Online?

Your online mailbox will be password protected. However if you give your password to someone to check your mail, it will not be a problem.

Can mail be received for more than one person?

Yes – but you will also need to check this out with the service you sign up for. The Mailbox Forwarding Company doesn’t care how many people receive mail at that because they basically use the address for sorting. However, Earth Class Mail does have limits on the number of people that can use the same address.
Remember though, you do have a limit to the number of pieces of mail you can receive and have scanned for the basic charge, so don’t get carried away here.

How can I get mail forwarded if I want it sent to me?

That’s also easy. There is an icon in your account that lets you forward actual mail to wherever you are. Just make that selection and tell the Company where to send the item.

YOU are always in control of what happens to your mail.  Interested?

Click Here  for the “at a glance” comparison chart for the two services we mention above and get started today.