Enlighten Yourself – Know the Difference Between RV Travelers and Expatriates

Many times when you’re looking for travel related services, you will find people who travel in RV’s and expatriates mentioned together. In fact, before I started doing travel research, I thought these two kinds of travelers were the same thing. But I couldn’t have been more wrong and now I have updated myself with a new expatriate definition.

Basically, an RV’er gets in a vehicle and travels from place to place – but they usually stay within the country they live in, or very close to it. On the other hand, an expatriate is a person who LIVES outside their native country. For example, Penelope Cruze was born in Spain but lives in the United States. She would be called an expat from Spain. Many other people born in the United States have chosen to live in other countries.

One of the main types of companies who put these two people in a similar grouping are those who provide a mail forwarding service.  That fact of the matter is that both of these groups of people can benefit from a service like this. These companies act as a mail receiving agent for those who travel a lot (or live outside the country but still want to have a U.S. address).

The traveler will use the service as a virtual mailbox for postal mail. We call it “virtual” because after you set up mail forwarding, the service you select will receive all your postal mail – including packages. They then scan every piece of mail and put it into an online account. The envelope is scanned first, and in the case of packages, you are notified who the sender is.

Some people use these mail forwarding services to have their home addressed mail forwarded to them; others use it as a separate business address. Either way, your mail no longer has to find you, it’s always delivered, and you will be able to view what has come in from wherever you are.

You may wonder why a person doesn’t just use the USPS Mail Forwarding service,  and there are a few examples of why travelers have moved into the online aspect of getting their postal mail. The USPS will just forward your mail – so if you are traveling in an RV and moving around a lot, it might take a while for your mail to catch up with you.

You also may not get your mail in a timely manner as it is first collected and saved by the Post Office for bulk delivery on the day of the week (or month) they select to forward all mail. Not exactly the most efficient process if you are expecting an important package or letter.

Your Post Office might also not provide international mail forwarding, which makes it an inefficient service for expatriates.  For these two reasons, RVer’s and Expatriates – even though they are two very different groups, enjoy the services of an outside company handling their mail.

You will never have to wait for your snail mail again; it’s all delivered efficiently to one address, then put immediately into your online account. It’s timely and very efficient for those who often are not at their home of residence.

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