Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail, or EarthMail as some people are beginning to call it, is the best way to go green with all of your postal mail.

The benefits are that you get a mailbox forwarding service that scans all your postal mail so you can view it online, from wherever you are.

They have two different services to choose from. If you want to compare them to another company, you can to see a side by side comparison of Earth Class Mail to the Mailbox Forwarding Company in relation to their Virtual Mail Box Service.

They basically work like a regular mailbox rental service that forwards packages and mail to wherever you are. It’s a little different though because they scan the front and back of the envelopes, so you can decide what you actually want to get delivered – or what you can read online.

You decide – ship only what you want and you won’t be bothered with all that junk mail. This also saves you money as only your important mail will be shipped to you.

How Many Virtual Mailing Address Options Are There?

With Earth Class Mail, you can pick from 19 different cities! This is helpful if you do a lot of business online and don’t exactly want people showing up at your home asking questions.

They will open, scan and digitally manage your mail so you can view it online. Again, you decide what you want to look at completely or just have them shred.

They also supply a check deposit service.

If you travel a lot, or are just tired of spending hours going through your mail, now might be time to discover something new.

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How Earth Class Mail Works:

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