Earth Class Mail vs. Mailbox Forwarding Company

Mail Forwarding Service Reviews

In our search for a mail forwarding service that utilizes the virtual mailbox technology, we reviewed the two top providers of mailbox forwarding / virtual mailbox services. They are Earth Class Mail and Mailbox Forwarding. Here are the mail forwarding service reviews for these two companies.

Also, to help you make a more informed decision, here’s a comparison of Earth Class Mail and Mailbox Forwarding; what each provides, and the costs associated with their virtual mailbox service.

Here’s our Earth Class Mail vs. Mailbox Forwarding Comparison:

Basic Plans

Earth Class Mail

Mailbox Forwarding


$49 /Month


Setup Fee

$25 (non-refundable)


Mail Pieces Allowed

10/month – total PIECES (envelope = 1 piece, + each content PAGE = 1 piece)

50/Month (envelope + ten content scans included in price (One “content scan” includes ENTIRE contents of envelope)




Open & Scan

10 items/month up to 20 pages, both sides

10 items/month (complete piece – NOT per page)

Extra Service Fees

$2.00 each additional piece

.30 each after 50 scans (option to upgrade to 150/month for $24.95/month).

Addresses Available

(Extra Cost)

Some PO Boxes in a variety of Cities Included – Premium City PO Boxes are an additional $2.95; Street Addresses range in Price from $20/month and up depending on City.

Grandville, MI (Included)

Los Angeles, CA ($14.95/month)

Pompano Beach, FL ($9.95/Month)

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Earth Class Mail

MailBox Forwarding



Compare Your Virtual Address Selection

When doing your comparison of Earth Class Mail vs. Mailbox Forwarding, please note that both companies have additional services that you should check out. Our comparison focused on the basics needed for mail forwarding, at the cost at the first (Basic) level.

You also need to carefully think about how much actual important mail you get each month – vs. 3rd class pre-sorted (junk) mail. That information alone should help you make the right choice – you probably don’t get as much “real” mail as you think you do.

Our basic critique of these Mail Forwarding Services:

Earth Class Mail has a more comprehensive option for $39.95/month, However, Earth Class Mail charges a $25 one-time setup fee for the higher level option.

Click Here to Visit: Earth Class Mail

Mailbox Forwarding has a Professional Service starting at $19.95/month (which includes 100 items). Mailbox Forwarding also has a Premium Service for $39.95/month which includes 250 pieces/month. Mailbox Forwarding does NOT charge a set-up fee for any of their service options.

After completing our mail forwarding service reviews – our #1 Pick for a personal mail and small business is Mailbox Forwarding for a variety of reasons, but mainly because of their step options for the mail forwarding; with this virtual mailbox service – you can start small, and if needed, upgrade later.

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