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As a content site, we develop marketing relationships with reputable merchants by placing their advertisements such as text links, graphic buttons and banner ads on This is referred as affiliate marketing.

We only provide links to merchant sites that

* are relevant to the content at
* we think may interest you.

We only receive compensations when you click on the links on and buy products or services from the merchant sites. This is how the merchants reward us for introducing you to their websites. You do not pay any more for the products or services by following the link.

We are not responsible for their advertisements, products, and services since we have no control over them. But we do take some time to examine their offers before placing their links on This is to ensure that the merchants that you deal with are reliable and trustworthy.

In case you have a problem with one of our merchants, please inform us at

Support AT VirtualMailCenter DOT com

We will re-assess our affiliation with the merchant concerned if we receive a reasonable number of complaints.

You are not obligated in any way to buy from the merchants that have affiliation with us. We only provide the links for your convenience and for us to keep running.


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