Common Alternative Uses for a Mail Forwarding Service

Business travelers and vacationers everywhere experience the convenience factor of having their postal snail mail forwarded to a mail forwarding service, and then having the service process it for them while they’re away. Now there’s no more worrying about getting mail while a person is of town, or packages sitting on the door step that could be carried away at any minute by thieves who have discovered this as a convenient option for making extra money.

But a virtual mailbox has many more uses than just postal forwarding, and in fact, while there are a lot of travelers using these services, there are many more people who don’t have a single letter delivered to their new address – they just want a virtual mailing address. Why?

Well, for one thing if you work out of your house as an internet marketer, online store owner, small business marketer, or any other similar business, you probably don’t want to have your home address available to all who see your web site. So using a mail forwarding service can be a good way to have a business address, and also to make sure that if any mail does end up at that address, you will be aware of it without having to travel to the mailbox company to check into your little box. You can just log into your online account and see if there is any mail to review; just as you do now with your email.

The downside to using it as just an address is that you could get a PO Box in your city for much less. However, if you want your mail forwarded from the post office, you will have to pay more and they will only do it for a limited time. They do not currently offer online scanning and delivery, so if you want the box for cheaper, you will have to drive to the post office to pick up your mail.

The time and money factor in traveling to get your mail (with gas prices being what they are), may just make up for the added expense of using a mail forwarding service. You can get started for as little as $14.95/month depending on what you want.  Here is a brief review of two different services and a few price comparisons.

Mailbox Forwarding services are efficient because they are also customizable to your needs. They all do mail scanning of the envelope first and put that into your account, but most of them also offer an actual mail forwarding service in the event that you need to get your hands on that piece of mail. Some of them offer check cashing services so if any checks arrive in your box, they don’t have to be sent back into the mail service. Each time something goes into the mailbox there is a chance that it will get lost or mis-delivered, even though this doesn’t happen very often.

So you see, there is more to these mail forwarding services than might originally be apparent. They are not only a very functional way to handle your postal mail, but they also function as a virtual mailing address and check cashing service.


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