Using a Virtual Mailbox for a Two Week Vacation?

A friend of mine is going to Israel for two weeks and she asked me if I would pick up her mail while she was gone. I said “no problem.” Watching mail for someone who goes on vacation once a year is no big deal. However, when people are gone more often — and for longer periods of time, it becomes a bigger hassle for a neighbor. After all, how am I supposed to know what’s important and what’s not.

So then she asked me if she should set up a virtual mailbox for when she’s gone so her mail can be forwarded, scanned and put online. I said “definitely not!” Using a mail forwarding service for a two-week vacation is a waste of time and money. Why?

Well, first of all you’ll need to change your home address to that of the service. And you need to sign a form at the post office that allows them to receive your mail. Now, this really doesn’t take that much time, but you have to un-do it when you get back, and that might cause some mail to get lost in transit.

Mail forwarding services are more likely to be used by people who travel a lot. They set it up to use while they are away, as well as when they return. They just keep the forwarding set up and they never worry about getting mail at their house. It has become a natural thing for them to read scanned mail online. It allows them the freedom to come and go – and never have to worry about where their mail is.

Another way to use a virtual mailbox is for a business address. Instead of forwarding your home mailing address, you can use the mailbox service as a separate “business” address. Then you just use that address when doing business online or for your web address.

It works GREAT for those who are going to use it on a constant basis. But for a two week vacation – just use your neighbor – and be sure to bring them back a nice gift!

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Interested in a Virtual Mailbox For Postal Mail?

If you’re looking for a virtual mailbox, chances are you’re looking for one of two things. If you’re looking for anything to do with email in the virtual sense, then you’ve come to the wrong place. However, if you’re looking more for a mail forwarding service for your postal mail, then read on:

Mail forwarding companies (like Mailbox Forwarding) receive all postal mail for you; scan the envelope first, then put it into your online account for you to review. When you use one of these companies it is often thought of as a virtual mailbox due to the fact that you never have to go into a building to get your mail. It’s all put online for you to view and handle.

So how do you now have to handle your mail? Actually, for cost saving reasons the scanning is a two step process. The envelope is scanned first so you can see what has come in and trash anything you don’t want to see. If you want to look inside, you just click the option to scan the contents and all of the paperwork inside will be available for you to see. And don’t worry; the scan is put into a PDF format so it’s as easy to read as reading something on a web site.

Now you never have to worry about waiting for a piece of mail to catch up to you when you want to travel on. You can move freely around in your RV (or whatever) and never have to wait for a piece of mail to be sent to you – unless you want to. Your neighbors will also no longer be responsible for your mailbox if they want to go somewhere. It’s all handled for you with this new service.

Sometimes, change is good! If you’ve worked all your life and are now ready for some travel and relaxation, now’s as good as time as any to check into a virtual mailbox and stop wasting time waiting. Anywhere you have an internet connection is where you can pick up your mail. It’s never been this easy before and will probably only get better. Try it out for yourself and you may find that you never want to have your mail sitting outside in a postal box again. Using a mail forwarding service is safe, secure and very much timely.

Go Green with a Virtual MailBox – Mail Forwarding Service

Go Green today with an Online Virtual mail address! Are you tired of all those companies sending junk mail to your house? If you don’t live in an area where recycling is easy, finding an environmentally friendly way to cope with all the junk mail can be tough. Let me introduce the virtual mail box, which can solve all your postal problems by acting as a mail forwarding service.

Don’t Pay More For Your virtual mailbox! See our review of Mail Fowarding Services Here. With a mail forwarding service, the process to forward mail is easy and inexpensive IF you use a Company that meets all your needs.

You can digitally manage your virtual mailbox from your own computer. It will be scanned and put online for you to view and manage from your personal computer. It will be a little different than your used to though. You’ll need to sign up with an online mail forwarding service first. Once you have an address, you have all your mail forwarded to them.

Different mail forwarding services provide different prices and strategies (refer to Earth Class Mail vs. Mailbox Forwarding). These mail forwarding services offer virtual mail address locations in 20 major cities throughout the United States! You choose which state you want your mail to go to, or usea P.O. Box address.

Almost immediately after you sign up you can use your new mail forwarding service and have all your mail forwarded so you can pick it up at your virtual mailbox. Because these mail forwarding services offer online PO Boxes for both individuals and companies, a number of different prices and services are available. YOU choose the prices and services that are right for you.

Whether you need your own personal post office box or a hundred business mailboxes, these virtual mailboxes can be customized to meet your individual or business needs. After you’re done with the mail, you can order it to be shredded or recycled with the click of a mouse.

You won’t ever need to worry about your personal private information anymore; these virtual mail services offer secure online technology that prevents data theft. If you’ve ever been a victim of identity theft, you know how easily a piece of unwanted mail with your Social Security number on it can become your worst nightmare. With a mail forwarding service, you can recycle without worry knowing your mail will be safely shredded for disposal.

Relax and stop worrying about whether your next credit card bill will be stolen and bring news of financial disaster. You can also stop worrying that one of those pre-filled in credit card applications will be filled by someone else – with your name on it!

The mail forwarding service is easy to use. To forward your mail to your new online post office box or virtual mail address, just fill out a change of address form at the Post Office and send it to the company you’ve chosen. After that, you can start receiving your snail mail online from your virtual mailbox. Then just login in to the mail forwarding service service each day and read your mail online.

Never again go through the hassle of having your mail held at the post office while you’re on vacation, or worse yet, having to chase down mail that’s forwarded after you’ve already left the area. Don’t let security worries consume your life – you can take control of your own privacy with this virtual mailing forwarding service.

Virtual Mail Box Moves you into the 21st Century

Virtual Mail Box Explained

Have you ever experienced the frustration of having an important piece of mail lost while being forwarded? Did you ever receive a bill months after it was due because the company didn’t have your current address? Put an end to the hassles of a snail mail forwarding service with a virtual mail box!

If you move often or travel a lot, this has probably happened to you. By the time the mail is forwarded, the coupons are expired, the bill is long overdue, and the Christmas card arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re having your mail held at the post office, it will most likely be there when you get back.

But you DON’T know for sure whether that important document came while you’re away until you return and pick up the mail.

However, if you had an online post office box (called a virtual mail box), you could log into the virtual mail box service from whever you are to review your mail. You would know each day whether that important document came – even if you were on vacation in the Bahamas!

Never open another piece of mail again – unless you want to! Subscribers to this mail forwarding service can order the virtual post office box to shred mail without opening it, or to open it and scan the contents. Virtual mail box holders can even permanently archive a piece of mail through their virtual mail service.

You’ll never have to worry about junk mail cluttering your mailbox again. Because someone else is handing your mail, you won’t have to spend hours each week sorting through unwanted mail.

Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about forwarding your mail again when using a virtual mail box – you’ll always be able to get your mail from wherever you are.

The rates are competitive, and in most cases, a virtual mail address costs less than the rent from the U.S. Postal Service. You won’t have to worry about security, either. Never worry about losing another mailbox key, or walking into your mailbox place when no-one else is there.

With your virtual mail box, your mail can be worry-free again. Take advantage of today’s technology and rent your own online mail box today – you’ll be very glad you did!

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