Facts About PO Boxes Online vs Virtual Mailbox Advantages

If you’re looking to manage your PO Boxes Online, you probably already know that the United States Postal Service (USPS) has everything you need readily available. But before you take that route, why not look at an easier way to manage your mail through a Virtual Mailbox.

With a Virtual Mail Box service you get more than just PO Boxes Online; you have the option of a street address or a PO Box address; you can view your mail online and also get forwarding mail options, recycling, and shredding services – all within the same Mailbox Forwarding Company.

In the event that you do not want to use a virtual mailbox service, here’s the link where you can set up your box online through the USPS and use their postal mail forwarding service –  Get a PO Box

This is a good service in you just want PO boxes online. You can pay for everything online and then set up postal service mail forwarding to wherever you are.  Your mail forwarding request will be good for a year, then you’ll have to request it again.

It’s a little different and definitely easier, with a Mail Forwarding Service using virtual mailbox technologies.  When you use a mail forwarding service, you still need to request your mail to be forwarded – but you forward it to the Mail Forwarding Company instead of to wherever you are. The Virtual Mailbox Company will scan your mail and let you view scans of the envelopes online.

Then, depending on which options you select, they will either scan the contents of the mail, or forward it to you.  Earth Class Mail is one of the companies that allows you to get your postal mail forwarded. You just tell them which pieces you want to see (after viewing the scanned envelopes), and they’ll put them into the mail.

I’m sure you can see that if you move a lot, or travel a lot, it would be more beneficial to work with a mail forwarding service rather than just getting PO boxes online. The advantages include:

  • More convenient to view mail online
  • Mail will not get lost
  • You only have to change your address once
  • You can see what mail has been received from wherever you are – and manage it from there too!

So instead of getting your PO boxes online, why not check out a mail forwarding service. You can see a comparison of our two favorite Mail Forward Companies here:

Earth Class Mail vs. Mailbox Forwarding Company


Or, Go Directly to the MailBox Forwarding Company.