Beware of Mail Forwarding Service Monthly Pricing Surprises

Some pricing strategies get better with time, some get worse. But there a few sneakily hidden things that you might not be aware of until you’re ready to buy and are reading the fine print on the total charges.

It’s not always in the fine print either, but it’s one of the hardest to discover by reading the sales material. One of the things I’m sure you’re used to by now is when you’re buying electronics and are asked if you want that nifty extended warranty. I never buy those things! If the thing is going to break I figure it will do so in the first week or so and I’ll just take it back to the store.

But I’m not warning you about extended warranties here. What surprise you might find in a mail forwarding service has to do with how many months you will have to pay when you sign up. For example, one service may charge $15.95 a month but you have to pay for three months in advance. Another might only charge $14.95 a month and let you pay month to month.

As you can see, for one you will be paying a higher monthly rate as well as have to pay more upon sign-up. This hidden charge is not revealed to you until you get to the check out page. I suppose the theory is that if you’ve done all that research and settled on your preferred mail forwarding service provider, you won’t want to stop when you’re almost through with your order because you have to pay for two months that you weren’t expecting.

Of course, there are probably more hidden charges so be sure to read through what you’re getting thoroughly. You probably already discovered that there are increased charges based on which city you want your virtual mailing address to be in and these charges can be as much as the service itself. So think carefully of what is really necessary for you to have, verses what might just be “nice” to have.

When the Virtual Mail Center did a deeper check, we also noticed that one company charged more for the shredding service while recycling was included in the charge so you might want to double check that one also. The reason I write these things is because this is not a decision you want to jump into quickly. You want to know exactly what your options are and what you’re really getting for that advertised monthly fee.

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Green Mail Forwarding Service – So Easy to Be Green

It’s always a good thing to go green wherever you can. Usually when people think of what they can do to be greener they turn towards recycling or energy thoughts. But recycling just got a step better with the development of a green mail forwarding service, often called a Virtual Mailbox.

How a Green Mail Forwarding Service Works

The green mail forwarding service goes one step beyond recycling because you will not have to recycle your mail at all. You’ll now be using an online mail service  – Like Mailbox Forwarding – to handle all your mail for you.

The concept is simple, really. So simple that we wonder why it wasn’t thought of before. Basically what you do is forward your mail to the service. They open it and scan it into the computer after you give your go-ahead from an initial scanned envelope view. It’s the best in green mail forwarding service because now you can view all your mail online.

I’m sure it will feel a bit odd at first because you will no longer be receiving any of your mail at home – because you’ll need to change your mailing address to Mailbox Forwarding. Some people can’t handle this because you’ve gotten your mail in your box forever and it’s odd not to have anything in there anymore! But once you get used to going to your online mail service to view your mail instead of going to the mailbox, you will be pleasantly surprised at how soon you realize how convenient going green is.

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Mailbox Forwarding Review Facts and Comparisons Revealed

Complete Mailbox Forwarding Review

There are several pages on this site where you can do a complete Mailbox Forwarding Review but actually it’s our favorite thing to write about because we can highly recommend one Mail Forwarding Service over the other (and it’s actually called “Mailbox Forwarding”)  – and here’s why.

We compare Mailbox Forwarding to Earth Class Mail because they are the two largest Mail Forwarding Service options available. – First of all, Mailbox Forwarding is cheaper; you can see our mailbox forwarding review and breakdown of each companies prices and options here:

Earth Class Mail vs. Mailbox Forwarding

So, if you just want to have your mail sent somewhere and location doesn’t matter, our mailbox forwarding review strongly suggests the Mailbox Forwarding Company which gives you full service for $14.95. Earth Class Mail is somewhat pricier at $19.95 and in our opinion (and according to the chart) gives you less service and has additional charges for almost everything.

As we were doing our Mailbox Forwarding Review, we did find one advantage that Earth Class Mail offered –  and that was the selection of addresses (of course, each has a separate charge attached.) However, in order to do a complete Mailbox Forwarding Review we need to let you know the two most important options: Price and Address Selection (in case that’s important to you).

Mailbox Forwarding has a Michigan address included in the plan, and two options for upgrades to Florida or California. Earth Class Mail has many more options, each with an increased charge.

You can see all your choices for both Virtual Mailbox Companies at:

Virtual Mailing Address

These two Mailbox Forwarding Review links should give you everything you need to make your own informed decision so you get what you need in a full service Mail Forwarding Service.

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Finding the Best Advanced Mail Forwarding Service

When you’re looking for a Mail Forwarding Service you’ll have a variety of choices to choose from. Some of them are the basic ones that you’re already familiar with; others you may have never heard of before.

Even though there are not that many choices to pick from, you should not go about the task of selecting a mail forwarding service lightly. Your mail is important not only to you, but also to the sender if you have a business mail coming and going.

One thing you’ll need to think about is whether your mail forwarding service needs to do more than one thing. For example, with new virtual mailbox services you can actually have an entire mail management system for what you used to pay for just a mail forwarding service.  The mail forwarding service I’m talking about is something like “Mailbox Forwarding.”

Mailbox Forwarding will scan your mail into their computer and put it online for you to look at. First you will easily and quickly take a look at all the mail that came in for the day by reviewing the scanned envelopes. Then you can tell Mailbox Forwarding to either scan the contents or recycle them. This saves you money since you will have a limit on how many contents can be scanned without an increased charge.

Now as you go about looking for your perfect mailbox forwarding options, remember to keep this idea in mind.  You don’t have to settle for using the United States Mail Forwarding (USPS Mail forwarding) service to track you down wherever you are.  You will basically be using them to forward your mail in real time to the Mail Forwarding Service that offers online mail service options.

This type of Mail Forwarding Service also has advantages over using a traditional method of mailbox forwarding through the UPS Stores (formerly called Mailboxes etc.). As I stated above, your mail is forwarded daily. It’s not held in your box until the specific time – usually once a week – that the mail forwarding service has designated an employee to wrap up all the mail that has come in for the week and send it to you.

I guess I’m just impressed with the new opportunities in mail forwarding service for those who travel or move a lot. And, while it can take a little getting used to because you won’t be getting ANY mail in your box anymore; In time you will certainly appreciate the fact that you don’t have to wait for the mail carrier to go by your house so you can see what you need to review for the day.  All you need to do now is log on to your computer and take care of it quickly.

Use Mailbox Forwarding as your mail forwarding service and eliminate paper cuts, save time, and never chase down a piece of mail that has been in transit again.  Your mail is an important piece of your life and it should be secure, safe, and guaranteed to arrive at your designated location.



Mail Forwarding to New Address Using A Virtual Mail Box

Best Mail Forwarding Company

How to Use  A Virtual MailBox for Mail Forwarding to A New Address

When you move from one place to another, whether it’s an apartment or a new home, you’ll definitely be looking for mail forwarding to new address options. When people move a lot, some people opt for a Post Office Box instead of having their mail forwarded all the time. But if you want to keep a prestigious street address, when checking out options for mail forwarding to new address you might want to consider an online Mail Forwarding Company.

Mail forwarding companies are not just limited to the physical address as is a mail forwarding UPS Store. These Virtual Mailbox Companies are definitely different than having all your paper mail forwarding to new address; in fact, they don’t forward your mail at all!

This is actually a good thing. Your mail will never get lost, or have to chase you down if you move a lot. You just forward the mail to the Forwarding Service once! They then provide the virtual mailbox service where they scan the envelopes of your mail, and put the images online. You simply log into your account at the Mail Forwarding Company, view the images, and let them know what to do with that piece of mail.

If you want to see it, they will scan the inside for you and again, you can view it online. If you don’t want to see it, you can tell them to shred it. Then, after you view what you want, you can have it saved at their location in a secure area, or have it shredded.

So you see, mail forwarding to new address doesn’t have to be complicated at all! If you only move a few times in your life, just do it the old way and change your address through the post office. But if you move a lot, or travel a lot, consider using a Mail Forwarding Company and view all your postal mail online from wherever you are!

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