The Truth About Mail Forwarding Services and Who Uses Them

One night I was thinking about how nice it would be to NOT have to go through that pile of mail that was lying on the table to pick out only the mail I was interested in and throw the rest away.  This morning, as I went to the kitchen to get my coffee, and was greeted by that pile of mail again, I started to think more seriously about investigating a few mail forwarding services to find out what they actually did.  And that is how this site came about.

During my investigation I found places like Mail Boxes etc. that collect your mail for you and then you go to pick it up. But that doesn’t really solve my problem, it actually gives me another chore to do – now I have to drive down to the mail place and pick up whatever forward mail I have there.  Still gives me a pile of mail to go through.

So I researched further.  I found a few places that concentrated on RV’ers. They will collect your mail and send it to you.  Again, you get to have all your paper mail to go through. I wanted something more and I knew if I searched long enough I would find it and I did.

That’s when I discovered mail forwarding services that would scan my mail and drop the images into my email box! Now that’s what I’m talking about!  My vision of having no more paper mail to go through finally seemed more like a reality.

So I began to check out prices and found that I could get set up at Mailbox Forwarding for $14.95 a month. But reading down the list about their Pricing Plans, I noticed that that price only included 40 scans a month, but the good thing was that that included scanning the envelope.  I began to think about that large pile of mail on my table. Certainly there were more than 40 pieces in there! And that was just a few weeks’ worth (I sooo hate going through the mail that it does tend to pile up a bit).

So I sat down at the pile and started sorting through it one by one, putting it in separate piles -junk and important (bills, etc).  My sorting went kind of like this: junk, junk, junk, junk, bill, junk, letter, junk.

When I was done with my two weeks of mail, I had about five items that were important, and a LOT of junk! I did this little exercise for the rest of the month and found that I actually had about 15 items a month that I wanted to take a look at. I’m thinking that even though I don’t travel a lot, that makes me a pretty good candidate for resolving the issue of going through my mail.
It was definitely worth it to take another look at the specialized mail forwarding service that had the scanning option.  And, if I REALLY want to see a piece of mail – they will send it to me – no problem – no questions asked.

When to Apply for Mail Forwarding Services

There are two times of the year when people start to get especially anxious about going on either a vacation, or an extended sabbatical. In my opinion, these two times are spring and fall. I say that because most people want to enjoy the summer, and during the winter they are just holding out until better weather allows them to make the big move. But is this the best time to consider a Mail Forwarding Service?

If you‘re just going on vacation for a few weeks, it’s probably not necessary to consider making all your snail mail similar to your email using a virtual mailbox. There IS a fee associated with getting everything set up for mail forwarding, mail scanning, etc. so it doesn’t really pay off to do it for a few weeks. Now days most people don’t get enough mail in a week or so to make it the biggest area of concern.  And almost everyone has someone they can count on to pick up their mail for a short time.

However, if you’re thinking about spending a few months out of town or even if thoughts of a summer home are entering your imagination, that’s when you should consider a service like Mailbox Forwarding.  Basically, after you forward your mail to this service, they will scan it in and put it into your online account. You can even set up a special mailing address so you don’t HAVE to change all of your home mail to the service.

This way, no matter which residence you decide to stay at for any length of time, you can always retrieve you mail from your online account.

If you’re also worried about those packages that might come in in your absence, you don’t need to fret about that either.  They can be forwarded to you easily – wherever you might be at the time.

It’s time to put your worries about your snail mail behind you and begin to really think about your next big adventure – or retirement – or extended vacation.

Let the good times roll!

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How Mail Forwarding Services One Up the USPS

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” That seems to be exactly the case with the Post Office’s idea of a mail forwarding service. You see, technology has changed to the point that we don’t really need much actual mail delivered anymore. It can be scanned and put online for easy retrieval by the owners, and a lot of people just use email these days. 

But the post office is a government agency employing millions of people. We don’t want all those people to lose their jobs; and for older people and those without access to a computer, getting that daily mail delivered to the mailbox outside their house is the only option they have.  I suppose that’s exactly why the U.S. Post office has the idea that mail must be delivered by an actual person – to an actual place. But for those who travel a lot, the dream of having a virtual mailbox instead of all the mail piling up at home while they are gone is something they’ve wanted for a long time.

Perhaps those weary travelers haven’t heard of the existence of the Mailbox Forwarding Company. This is a service that does exactly what I mentioned above. They receive your mail from the post office delivery person, scan it into your account, and allow you to pick it up from your computer – anywhere in the world!

This is a travelers dream come true! And actually nobody has to lose their jobs because it is a separate service (and a separate company) than the post office. If you’re curious as to what happens when you hire a mail forwarding service, it’s actually a very easy concept.

First you sign up with the company of your choice (the cost usually starts at about $15/month). Then you fill out a form at the Post Office to have your home mail forwarded to a mail forwarding service. Next you fill out form 1583 that tells the Post Office that this company has your permission to receive your mail. That’s about it!  In a very short time you will be able to log into your account and see what mail has been delivered for the day.

So you see, even though some things do remain the same, they can be upgraded to something that is more user friendly for those who are not home all the time, or for expatriates who have decided to live in another country for a while. It’s definitely more convenient than having your neighbors pick up your mail, and having them forward it to you . . .

Retrieving Your Postal Mail While Traveling Just Got Easier

Sometimes it seems like a small world when you’re traveling around in your motor home meeting people from different places and getting to know other cultures and lifestyles. But as you think about what’s piling up while you’re away, the world might just seem to get a little bigger in your mind. Especially when it comes to what’s coming into your home mailbox. Your home mail may seem like an unmanageable thing from afar, but if you have a computer and access to the internet, you might want to consider using a mail forwarding service.

Now you might be thinking – but I don’t want to have my mail chasing me around while I travel. But don’t be fooled by the name of the service. Your mail doesn’t have to be forwarded at all because what you’ll really be getting is more like a virtual mailbox where you can read and handle all your mail from your computer via the internet – from wherever you are.

If you’re smart, you will select a mail forwarding service that offers this option. This way what will happen is that your mail will be scanned and put online. Don’t worry though, you won’t be stuck reading endless pages of junk mail. You will be able to see all of the envelopes that have come in on any given day and authorize the scanning of the inside – or not. We all know what types of junk mail come into our house, but now, with just a click of your mouse button you can have this useless mail recycled, or shredded if it does make it to your virtual mailing address.

So now your world has become a little smaller again because there’s no stress on what mail is coming in at home. Everything you need is handled for you. And, at any time that you need to get a piece of mail into your hands, you can still have it forwarded to you at wherever you are at the minute.

So have fun traveling! Now you don’t have to wait for your mail be forwarded to you – it’s as close as your computer at all times.

Common Alternative Uses for a Mail Forwarding Service

Business travelers and vacationers everywhere experience the convenience factor of having their postal snail mail forwarded to a mail forwarding service, and then having the service process it for them while they’re away. Now there’s no more worrying about getting mail while a person is of town, or packages sitting on the door step that could be carried away at any minute by thieves who have discovered this as a convenient option for making extra money.

But a virtual mailbox has many more uses than just postal forwarding, and in fact, while there are a lot of travelers using these services, there are many more people who don’t have a single letter delivered to their new address – they just want a virtual mailing address. Why?

Well, for one thing if you work out of your house as an internet marketer, online store owner, small business marketer, or any other similar business, you probably don’t want to have your home address available to all who see your web site. So using a mail forwarding service can be a good way to have a business address, and also to make sure that if any mail does end up at that address, you will be aware of it without having to travel to the mailbox company to check into your little box. You can just log into your online account and see if there is any mail to review; just as you do now with your email.

The downside to using it as just an address is that you could get a PO Box in your city for much less. However, if you want your mail forwarded from the post office, you will have to pay more and they will only do it for a limited time. They do not currently offer online scanning and delivery, so if you want the box for cheaper, you will have to drive to the post office to pick up your mail.

The time and money factor in traveling to get your mail (with gas prices being what they are), may just make up for the added expense of using a mail forwarding service. You can get started for as little as $14.95/month depending on what you want.  Here is a brief review of two different services and a few price comparisons.

Mailbox Forwarding services are efficient because they are also customizable to your needs. They all do mail scanning of the envelope first and put that into your account, but most of them also offer an actual mail forwarding service in the event that you need to get your hands on that piece of mail. Some of them offer check cashing services so if any checks arrive in your box, they don’t have to be sent back into the mail service. Each time something goes into the mailbox there is a chance that it will get lost or mis-delivered, even though this doesn’t happen very often.

So you see, there is more to these mail forwarding services than might originally be apparent. They are not only a very functional way to handle your postal mail, but they also function as a virtual mailing address and check cashing service.

Postal Mail Forwarding Service Perfect For Travelers

The qualities of a good mail forwarding service actually depend on what you are looking for. Some services only offer forwarding, others offer what is known as a virtual mailbox where they scan mail, put it into PDF format, and put it into your online account for you to pick up.

If you already know you want a Service and do not want to use the Post Office, use our page below for a quick comparison of Mail Forwarding Service Company costs for scanning and online viewing:

Earth Class Mail vs. Mailbox Forwarding Company

The difference in these services is not only in what is provided, but also in the pricing. Mail forwarding through the US post office is free for a set amount of time and is usually used by those who have moved out of that location. However, the Post Office will allow forwarding in the event of illness and you can turn it on and off as needed – there is probably a set number of times you are allowed to do this.

All you have to do is fill out the U.S. Post Office form 1583 and have your mail forwarded to the service.

While this service is great for those who travel a lot, it’s NOT meant to be something that you turn on and off.

Now, there is new technology and you no longer have to depend on just the post office to get your mail forwarded. With new mail scanning developments comes the existence of PO Boxes Online/Virtual Mailboxes.

It gets a little easier for those who travel a lot or want to live out of a motor home and move around if a mail forwarding service is used. And again, you will need to decide if you want your actual mail forwarded or if you would prefer that it was scanned so you can view it from wherever you are. Either way, you will need to have your mail forwarded to the services address and they will take care of it from there.

Just make sure you sign up with someone who offers what you need. Many times a forwarding service will be advertising a lot of different options but if you are going to view your mail online, you will need to review the scanning options and mail limitations. Normally, you will sign up for a plan that will cover all of the mail you receive and want scanned.

This may sound like an expensive endeavor but remember, business bulk mail (junk mail) is not forwarded so it will not be included in the mail you receive at the service. The mail forwarding service will also work with you to ensure that they can identify junk mail and other mail that you never want to see. Don’t worry, they don’t do this behind your back, you will work with them for the first few months and after that it will all run like clockwork.

The main thing you need to decide is whether you want to have your actual mail forwarded, or if you would rather not bother with the paper mail at all and just read it online. Working with a company who will scan your mail still leaves you the option to receive any mail that you want. You simply make that selection from your control panel at the time you view it.

The service will also conveniently shred any mail you decide you do not want to see – either online or in your current mail delivery station.

For travelers the process couldn’t get any easier. You are always in control; you can move about whenever you need to; and you will always have access to your mail from wherever you are. In my opinion, it’s the best service developed yet that makes traveling all that much easier when you know there is never going to be mail sitting in your outside mailbox at home waiting to be picked up.

In order to make the best decision, you need to think about what you want, and make a commitment to yourself to give it at least six months to get familiar with it. At first you might miss your old mail, but after you discover how much time and frustration you’re saving by not having to make a bunch of phone calls to find out where your mail went this time; I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Mailbox Forwarding is one of the companies that offer this service. They allow you to manage all your mail from your computer, from wherever you are. You just log into your account and see what’s been received. No more sorting through all those flyers and junk mail! You will get what’s most important to you, and eventually you will not even have to look at things you previously told the service to trash.

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Enlighten Yourself – Know the Difference Between RV Travelers and Expatriates

Many times when you’re looking for travel related services, you will find people who travel in RV’s and expatriates mentioned together. In fact, before I started doing travel research, I thought these two kinds of travelers were the same thing. But I couldn’t have been more wrong and now I have updated myself with a new expatriate definition.

Basically, an RV’er gets in a vehicle and travels from place to place – but they usually stay within the country they live in, or very close to it. On the other hand, an expatriate is a person who LIVES outside their native country. For example, Penelope Cruze was born in Spain but lives in the United States. She would be called an expat from Spain. Many other people born in the United States have chosen to live in other countries.

One of the main types of companies who put these two people in a similar grouping are those who provide a mail forwarding service.  That fact of the matter is that both of these groups of people can benefit from a service like this. These companies act as a mail receiving agent for those who travel a lot (or live outside the country but still want to have a U.S. address).

The traveler will use the service as a virtual mailbox for postal mail. We call it “virtual” because after you set up mail forwarding, the service you select will receive all your postal mail – including packages. They then scan every piece of mail and put it into an online account. The envelope is scanned first, and in the case of packages, you are notified who the sender is.

Some people use these mail forwarding services to have their home addressed mail forwarded to them; others use it as a separate business address. Either way, your mail no longer has to find you, it’s always delivered, and you will be able to view what has come in from wherever you are.

You may wonder why a person doesn’t just use the USPS Mail Forwarding service,  and there are a few examples of why travelers have moved into the online aspect of getting their postal mail. The USPS will just forward your mail – so if you are traveling in an RV and moving around a lot, it might take a while for your mail to catch up with you.

You also may not get your mail in a timely manner as it is first collected and saved by the Post Office for bulk delivery on the day of the week (or month) they select to forward all mail. Not exactly the most efficient process if you are expecting an important package or letter.

Your Post Office might also not provide international mail forwarding, which makes it an inefficient service for expatriates.  For these two reasons, RVer’s and Expatriates – even though they are two very different groups, enjoy the services of an outside company handling their mail.

You will never have to wait for your snail mail again; it’s all delivered efficiently to one address, then put immediately into your online account. It’s timely and very efficient for those who often are not at their home of residence.

Stop Stressing about your Postal Mail! Check out Mailbox Forwarding Today.

Upgrades in Mail Forwarding Service Options

If you’re looking for a mail forwarding service and don’t know exactly where to start, you might think that  your only option is the US Post office. However, there are a few more services you should check out before you make any major decisions to have your postal mail follow you around.

There are a few companies that offer a mail forwarding service that is a little different. You will need to change your address to the address of the company.

What Will My Address Be?

Your new virtual mailing address will be the city/state address of the company you choose, along with a number identifier (just like a PO box number). The advantage of this is that you can now use this address when you’re doing business online, or  put it on your business cards.

After you have your virtual business address set up, the company will begin to receive all mail sent to that address. By the way, you do have an option to either have your home address forwarded to the service, or set up this address as a separate place where only specific mail goes – it’s up to you. But the nice thing is that all of the mail received at the mail forwarding service will now be scanned and put into your online account.

So instead of your mail having to follow you around as you travel, causing delays and frustration, you now just log onto your computer and see what’s come in for the day. You will get to see the envelope first, and then you will have the option to either have the contents scanned, or have it recycled. Either way, you never have to touch the envelope or the mail; it’s all done with selections you make from your computer.

And just so you know, at the present time, the US Post office does NOT offer a scanning service. They do have a forwarding service though. The unfortunate part there is that they hold your mail until a specific date and send it to you all at once. So if you’re waiting for an important letter, or are in an RV hoping to move to a new destination, you will need to stay there until your mail arrives or risk having it lost as it tries to find you.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Post office service is cheaper than a mail forwarding service, but the reality is, you can get started receiving your mail online for as little as $14.95/month. That seems like a small price to pay for the additional scanning and online viewing capabilities, as well as the freedom you get from not having to worry where in the world that little piece of mail ended up.

Click here to review prices and options for Mail Forwarding.

Mail Forwarding

Why Mail Forwarding No Longer Requires On Again – Off Again Activity

It’s not uncommon for people who travel a lot to forward their mail a lot. If a neighbor is not around to pick up your mail, most of the time people will turn on and off their mail delivery using mail forwarding through the post office. So whenever they are going to be away for a longer period of time, they go to the post office and have their mail forwarded to their destination.

This works great if you plan on staying in that same place for as long as you’re gone. But what if you want to take a short side trip, or if you travel around in an RV and move from place to place a lot. What becomes of your mail then if your neighbor isn’t around to fetch and read it to you?

It seems like a complicated question but really, there is a simple solution.  Why not just forward your mail ONCE to Mailbox services and let them take care of it from then on.

Now, I’m not talking about the old fashioned services. I think they have all changed their names to “The UPS Store” but the most popular ones used to be called “Mailboxes Etc.” They acted just like the post office but in this case it would be worse because you would be forwarding your mail to them – and then THEY would have to forward it to you. It could take some time before you actually received your mail this way!

Like I said earlier though, there is a simple solution. Change your address to that of a virtual mailbox service that offers mail scanning. This way you will always be able retrieve your mail using your online account.

How Mail Forwarding Works

First you will get to see all of the envelopes that have come in for the day, and then you decide what to do with the mail. You can have the contents scanned, or in the case of any mis-delivered junk mail, you can just have it shredded. And it’s all done from your computer with the click of your mouse button.

It really doesn’t get any better than this. Your mail will always be delivered to a safe place, and you will always be able to see what has come in for the day. And, if you do receive a package, you can have it forwarded to your current location. You are always in control of your mail, just as you are in control of your mail now.

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Mailbox Services

Four Options to Consider for the Most Convenient Mailbox Services

If you’re looking for mail forwarding services you should know that not all of them offer the same options. There are four different types to choose from. Here are the benefits of each and some disadvantages you may not have thought of.

Is the Post Office the Best Place for Mailbox Services?

The first thing you might consider is USPS mail forwarding. And actually this is the first thing most people think of when they think of mailbox services. The United States post office has been around for as long as we can remember, and they do a good job delivering mail. But is it the best thing for you if you’re looking for a full-service mail handler?

If you decide the post office is not the most efficient option, where do you look now? You might remember driving by one of those mailbox forwarding places, in our area there are now called UPS stores. These stores offer mailboxes where you can use their Street address as your virtual mailing address and get mail delivered to the box inside their building. Using one of the services you will get a key so you can retrieve your mail whenever you want to.

The disadvantage of both of the two above options as a virtual mailbox is that you actually have to go into the post office, or the UPS store, to pick up your mail. With the post office you may or may not be able to get in any time of the day or night, but with the UPS stores, you will be able to get your mail whenever you want because you have the key. But like I said, you have to drive to their physical address to pick up your mail.

The third option you have is to use mail forwarding service that will forward your mail to you. Usually people who travel in RVs and are away for long periods of time can have their mail forwarded using the special services. These services are convenient if you’re going to be traveling to one place and staying there throughout your vacation.

However, if you decide to move to another area, you will have to contact the service and have your mail delivered to your new location. This isn’t a big deal, but it is one more thing that you’ll have to think about before you travel to your next destination.

Your fourth option is to use a company like Mailbox Forwarding to handle all your mail. What you will do with this service is actually change your home address to one that they have set up for you. They will then receive all of your mail, scan it into the computer and put into your online account. This way you will have access to it from wherever you are and you never have to go into a strange dark building to pick up your mail. You simply log into your computer and see what’s come in at any time of the day.

The decision is up to you, but now I hope you have a better idea of the options that are available to you as a traveler. In our opinion the easiest option for mailbox services would be using the Mailbox Forwarding Company.


Mailbox Forwarding

Be Smart! Know Mail Forwarding Service Charges Before Signing

If you’re looking for a mail forwarding service, I’ve got just the answer for you. I recently did the same sort of research and I can save you a little time. I put all my reviews and comparisons together here: Mail Forwarding Service “At a Glance” Comparison Chart.

There are basically two companies you should take a look at, and their starting prices are very similar to each other. But what you’ll find as you read my reviews, are some of the things that could increase your monthly cost dramatically.

These are things you wouldn’t think would cost a lot more but they tend to add up quickly. For example, you will want to take a look at how many scans you get in your monthly fee. Because after you’ve hit your limit you will be charged for each scan you authorize during that month. This can really add up if you are not aware of the extra charge in the beginning – or that you even have a limitation such as this.

The other thing you want to take a look at it how many virtual street address options you have available. Some people don’t care about their address selection because they just want to have their mail delivered to a location that scans it and puts it online. But if you own a small business you might want a mailing address in the State that you’re located. So do a double check before you put in an order and make sure that if address is important to you, they supply an address in the State you want.

I guess the one other thing I would check into is how much it costs to actually forward that letter to you. If you get letters or packages forwarded to the mail forwarding service that you want to get your hands on, it may or may not cost you more. This is definitely something to research before you sign up with your selected service.

Watch the Video: Mail Forwarding Service Review of Standard Option and Upgrades:


View the updated grid here: Mail Forwarding Service Reviews.

Now Your Mail Forwarding Service Doubles as a Virtual Office Address

If you’re like me, you probably spend hours each week going through your postal mail to sort out the bills from the junk mail. It seems like even though there is plenty of junk coming through the email box, the bulk paper mail distributors will never stop. But now you don’t have to deal with them anymore because you’ve decided to let someone else handle your postal mail. But who would do such a thing?

If you haven’t heard of the existence of a mail forwarding service you’re living in the dark ages. Mail forwarding services will now handle all of your postal mail for you. They’ll receive it and let you view the envelope online first, and then if you want to see inside, you let them know by clicking that option on the screen. They will then scan the contents for you and  add them to your online account. It’s really just a good common-sense way to save the time you used to spend sorting and opening your mail.

The process to get everything set up is as easy as the thought you just had when you were wishing something like this existed. All you need to do is change your address to that of the mail forwarding service and then they will start receiving all of your postal mail. They will quickly scan the envelope so you can see what has come in, and then you authorize them to scan the contents if you want. If it’s another piece of junk mail, with the click of your mouse button you can just tell them to recycle that piece and it’s gone for good.

You can also use these services as sort of a high-tech virtual office address. While some people are fine with having an office address in the UPS store where they just go in and pick up their mail every day. Other people would prefer NOT to have to step inside the store at all. So why not just get a virtual office address with a mail forwarding service that includes scanning your mail and putting it online for you to see? You already know the benefits of using this service for your mail, and not it can double as an office mail collection facility also.

Using it this way, instead of “forwarding” your mail to the service, you use it as your business address. You would put it on your letterhead, business cards, etc. It’s very efficient safe and secure way to have a cheap business address, much better than the old type of offices were you actually had to go in and pick up your mail wasting precious time and energy just to see what’s been delivered.