Why Hate Earth Class Mail??

If you’re researching Mail Forwarding Companies, and more specifically Earth Class Mail you may come across some posts that say I Hate Earth Class Mail, or I hate Earth Class Mails price hikes, etc. But remember, you are “researching” so do a complete review of the comments so you don’t get buyer’s remorse if you’ve already signed up.

Here’s what we found in our Earth Class Mail Review:

Earth Class Mail Complaint #1 – Sign Up Process
One person put in a complaint in this area because he wanted his mail forwarding request to be handled IMMEDIATELY!  But that’s not how it works. Every piece of information we read about Earth Class Mail stated that you have to change your address through the post office and then the mail is forwarded to the Mail Forwarding Service address that you have selected.  That might take about a week – maybe less.

This service is not something you turn on and off whenever you go on vacation; it should be more permanent than that so think about that before you sign up.

Earth Class Mail Complaint #2 – Check Cashing
As with any service, the more you want them to do, the more it will cost you.  If check cashing is important to you, then you’ll need to sign up for a Premium Account with Earth Class Mail. Most people these days have their paychecks automatically deposited in their accounts, so it’s not as big a deal as it used to be. You could also have the check manually forwarded to you from the company; the choice is yours.

Earth Class Mail Complaint #3 – Price Hikes
Yes, Earth Class Mail did start out being a little cheaper. Since then they have raised their prices, but so have the others. They might have all started out at $9.95 but if you can get that now, make sure you are still getting the mail scanning service, virtual address selection, and a mail forwarding service in case you need anything actually forwarded to you.

Earth Class Mail starts out at $15.95 for the most basic scanning and forwarding service and goes up from there – if you want the option of having the inside of the envelope scanned, it is $19.95/month. There is one other company that offers mail scanning, online viewing and mail forwarding starting at $14.95 a month. You can review services and options of both of these companies on our site here:

Earth Class Mail vs. Mailbox Forwarding Company

My advice to you is to know what you’re getting before you sign up. The Mail Forwarding Service has been around for about five years now and most of them have perfected the process – but they still have various prices for different options and virtual address availability. You can also view what virtual mail addressesare available here:

Virtual Address Availability for Virtual Mailbox Service

So why hate Earth Class Mail? I don’t know. What we do know is that the first complaints were noted in September 2008, and the price hike took place in August, 2010. There haven’t been any complaints since then, so we feel like all is well with Earth Class Mail.

EarthClassMail Virtual Mail Box — View All Your Postal Mail Online

Find out how Earth Class Mail delivers Postal Mail right to your computer. Try it out today!

Earth Class Mail is often referred to as just earthmail, or earthclassmail. But it’s all the same really. With Earth Class Mail you can get a virtual mail box and have the ability to view all your postal mail online.

Who uses a virtual mail box? The answer is simple. Anyone can use a virtual mail box but they are especially useful to those who travel a lot. And it’s beneficial for both vacation travelers and business travelers. It doesn’t seem right that you can get your email online from wherever you are, while your postal mail piles up at home. With a mailbox forwading service this problem is solved. Get the advantage of both with a mail box forwarding service.

As you can probably guess, the benefits of having someone else go through your mail is quite an advantage when you’re not home. And you no longer have to make sure your neighbor is going to be home to get your mail. You handle it all! And don’t worry, with EarthClassMail your envelopes are scanned before anything is opened. So if you really don’t want them to open your earthmail, just let them know and they will simply send it on to you.

Get Your Virtual Address and start your new mailbox forwading service today. End the hassle and start to view postal mail anywhere you are! Visit Earth Class Mail Today!

Earth Class Mail Reviewed

Earth Class Mail Forwarding Service Reviewed

“Mail Forwarding Service – For Online Delivery of Your Postal Mail, Sign up for a Virtual Mailbox Service”

Earth Class Mail is an excellent option for those who travel a lot, have two different residences (example, a summer home and a more permanent location), or for those who just want to go green and stop receiving all that paper in the mail! It’s the best idea for a virtual mailbox ever invented!

When you use a virtual mailbox service, such as Earth Class Mail, you know that you will always get to see your mail. The nice thing is that Earth Class Mail scans your envelopes first,so you can view them online and tell them if you want them to open it, or shred it. Here’s how it works:

You change your mailing address to that of one of Earth Class Mail centers. Another nice thing about Earth Class Mail is that they have a variety of addresses in a variety of States. And, it’s not a PO Box (unless you want it to be) it’s an actual street address.

After Earth Class Mail starts receiving your mail, they will scan the envelopes and email you an image of each envelope or parcel. Then you can decide if you want to have the inside scanned, or if you recognize it as junk mail and never want to see it. Your mail is always kept sealed and secure until you authorize the scanning.

Earth Class Mail also offers a variety of other services in addition to the virtual mailbox and document scanning, they include (but are not limited to):

  1. Check Deposit Solutions
  2. Package & Mail Forwarding
  3. Shredding & Recycling
  4. Secure Mail Storage
  5. Online viewing and pick up of mail

With an Earth Class Virtual Mailbox, You’ll never have to deal with paper again – unless you want to!

So who uses Earth Class Mail as a Virtual Mailbox. Anyone and everyone who wants to! It’s good for individuals who travel a lot, as well as Online Business, Attorneys, Accountants, Financial Service Providers, Marketing Managers, etc.

If you’re tired of dealing with all that mail piling up every day, test drive Earth Class Mail and see if it’s for you! Snail mail is a thing of the past, green and virtual mailboxes are the future!

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