Beware of Mail Forwarding Service Monthly Pricing Surprises

Some pricing strategies get better with time, some get worse. But there a few sneakily hidden things that you might not be aware of until you’re ready to buy and are reading the fine print on the total charges.

It’s not always in the fine print either, but it’s one of the hardest to discover by reading the sales material. One of the things I’m sure you’re used to by now is when you’re buying electronics and are asked if you want that nifty extended warranty. I never buy those things! If the thing is going to break I figure it will do so in the first week or so and I’ll just take it back to the store.

But I’m not warning you about extended warranties here. What surprise you might find in a mail forwarding service has to do with how many months you will have to pay when you sign up. For example, one service may charge $15.95 a month but you have to pay for three months in advance. Another might only charge $14.95 a month and let you pay month to month.

As you can see, for one you will be paying a higher monthly rate as well as have to pay more upon sign-up. This hidden charge is not revealed to you until you get to the check out page. I suppose the theory is that if you’ve done all that research and settled on your preferred mail forwarding service provider, you won’t want to stop when you’re almost through with your order because you have to pay for two months that you weren’t expecting.

Of course, there are probably more hidden charges so be sure to read through what you’re getting thoroughly. You probably already discovered that there are increased charges based on which city you want your virtual mailing address to be in and these charges can be as much as the service itself. So think carefully of what is really necessary for you to have, verses what might just be “nice” to have.

When the Virtual Mail Center did a deeper check, we also noticed that one company charged more for the shredding service while recycling was included in the charge so you might want to double check that one also. The reason I write these things is because this is not a decision you want to jump into quickly. You want to know exactly what your options are and what you’re really getting for that advertised monthly fee.

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