Be Smart! Know Mail Forwarding Service Charges Before Signing

If you’re looking for a mail forwarding service, I’ve got just the answer for you. I recently did the same sort of research and I can save you a little time. I put all my reviews and comparisons together here: Mail Forwarding Service “At a Glance” Comparison Chart.

There are basically two companies you should take a look at, and their starting prices are very similar to each other. But what you’ll find as you read my reviews, are some of the things that could increase your monthly cost dramatically.

These are things you wouldn’t think would cost a lot more but they tend to add up quickly. For example, you will want to take a look at how many scans you get in your monthly fee. Because after you’ve hit your limit you will be charged for each scan you authorize during that month. This can really add up if you are not aware of the extra charge in the beginning – or that you even have a limitation such as this.

The other thing you want to take a look at it how many virtual street address options you have available. Some people don’t care about their address selection because they just want to have their mail delivered to a location that scans it and puts it online. But if you own a small business you might want a mailing address in the State that you’re located. So do a double check before you put in an order and make sure that if address is important to you, they supply an address in the State you want.

I guess the one other thing I would check into is how much it costs to actually forward that letter to you. If you get letters or packages forwarded to the mail forwarding service that you want to get your hands on, it may or may not cost you more. This is definitely something to research before you sign up with your selected service.

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